Sunday, July 20, 2008

worky Lurky

i feel like ranting, venting, speaking, dribbling, extrapolating, discussing, and generally commenting. I'm at work on a Sunday, again, and issues are arising. there are schedule issues, career issues, fairness issues, effort issues, progress issues, and rules issues. We are having a meeting on Tuesday to address some of these things. Hopefully the person we are addressing this to will be able to make a change. There are many changes afoot in our market, in our region, in our store, in our personnel that all have potential of being very positive or very negative depending on the method with which they are handled. I am indeed being deliberately vague because I'm pretty sure noting specifics of where I work and our internal policies could cost me my job, and all that said, I like my job and I want to accomplish good things here. Wish us all luck.