Saturday, March 13, 2010

OKC sundown sky

this is probably the third time or so i've blogged simply because the sky in Oklahoma blew my mind. this pic doesn't do it justice. the clouds were salmon crimson and lapis lazuli all at once. that may not even be a color.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Recursive 30 day project

So far , in following the exploits of Andrew Dubber and his 30 days of ideas, we've seen a baby proofing software for PCs, a graffiti archive application, an idea for delivering customized radio broadcasts, an updatable business card and a concept to get people to "listen" to recorded music again (good luck, I KID, I kid!!) DJ Phillips has presented an awesome overview on his blog.The idea that has generated the most excitement amongst us, the First Follower Dance Party, is the idea of a numberless calendar.
Oh, really? ok. yay.
No, seriously! A tool , likely web based or presented in a phone app, that helps to organize and implement a 30 day project. The 30 day idea that spawned the 30 day idea to help spawn new 30 day ideas! Got any guinness? say it with me! BRILLIANT!
So, now the plan is for all the participants to think of a 30 day idea so that we can beta the project. Mine likely will be music related, but who knows. can a PR project be 30 days? "30 days to book a show at the museum of Art". Maybe I'll write a comic book. Maybe I'll start a protest. Or a contest.

If you're on twitter, look for #firstfollower or just follow @andrewatideal