Saturday, October 18, 2008

last dispatch from civilized teritory

no cell service in Kenton,so see ya! will resume Monday. if not come look for us!

stratford, TX

also noted as the home of "god,grass,and grit". yee ha!

top reason NOT to drive up 287 thru TX

stockyard smell every couple of miles...blah!

north thru TX

empty. see th mesa in the background?

Friday, October 17, 2008

ranch house

take your ducks to dinner... note the john deere tablecloth. canyon Tx . headed to kenton ok tomorrow.

antiquing in amarillo

this is the only shred of anything progressive I could find in texas...

palo duro panorama!

just got back. one of my favorite pics. we hiked, had lunch, sat right on the edge of the canyon. very awesome place, the weather was beautiful. lookig forward to Amarillos historic district and off to Black Mesa tomorrow!

trail walking part 1

rest stop. water break. more walking to do!

AM video in.tro

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Emily and the ducks relax.

Welcome to canyon Tx! one of many "dry" towns in the area. but we have our ways!! note: its the ducks fault.

we are in Canyon TX!

w the obligatory ducks. helloooo Best western Palo Duro!

largest cross!

in the western hemisphere! "a spiritual experience!" they say!

new definition of "bizarre landscape"

Just post lunch

Em in front of Lucilles.


first stop: Weatherford, Ok and Lucilles Roadhouse. popular place right off of rt. 40. Awaiting a well deserved country fried steak. more pics soon!