Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Song/Album Titles Galactica 41-60.

First post since November 4th! Here's the continuing list of song/album titles I wrote in a state of forced sleeplessness due to my Verizon work schedule. Hope you enjoy them!

41. Frustrated Mexican
42. Alert America
43. False
44. Somebody Bit Me
45. Missing Urinal/Black Scar on a White Wall
46. More reasons to Shut Up.
47. Refusing to Bleed
48. Burdening
49. Look What Happened.
50. Party Favor Attack.
51. He's a Pig, She's a Pig.
52. Pieces, Thick Slices
53. Infected Query of Reason.
54. Sail a Boat Alone.
55. Umlaut in the Spotlight. #
56. Born into Murderous Rage.
57. Never Come Back.
58. Fucking Lucky. #
59. Meet Yourself
60. Beaten til Pretty.