Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Song/Album Titles of Notre Dame Part II: 21-40

I started yesterday by listing 15 then changed it to 20. Why? It feels more complete that way. I do wonder if different groupings would give different significance to the arrangement. Also, already been used indicated by #.
21. Starview Inn.
21. Electric Street Meat.
23. Write 21 twice Everytime.
24. Entwhistle Supreme.
25. Field of Crushed Lettuce.
26. Poor in Spirit, Laughing all the way to the Bank.
27. Mixed Motor Skills. #
28. Feeling Real Remorse.
29. Incredibly Dry.
30. Daylight Warrior (Warrior).
31. Wall Mark.
32. Spanish Salad Dressing.
33. Rock Feels Good and Rocks Feel Good.
34. Eleven Twelve.
35. Black Wind Marks I.
36. Too Far.
37. Bloody Bloody Lincoln.
38. Little Silver.
39. Ex-Messenger.
40. Damn-alot.

Mixed Motor Skills appears on EQC: Empty Quotation Casino. The title became F--K this but the original inspired lyrics are included.
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