Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mama don't let your babies grow up to be song/album titles 81-108

Here it is finally. The last installment of "Song Titles I created in 2005 because I was bored and sleep deprived at my job answering 411 calls for Verizon at 4am."
Enjoy. There's definitely a project in this.
81. Can't Begin to Drum
82. Useless and Negative News
83. Not Allowing Interference
84. Wheelchair Pressure
85. Easily Most Hated
86. Island of Burn
87. Master Plan McGill
88. Nude Electric Twins
89. Civics Make the Man
90. Bigger Figures
91. Nap Until Disfigured
92. Killed at the Hilton
93. Super Platonic Man
94. Doom is a State of Mind
95. Cheap Security
96. Mr. Quigley's Promise
97. Alcohol for Equalibrium
98. The Devil Eats Lemons
99. Nerdlings
100. Foolish Bird
101. Eat a Ram
102. Don't Continue
103. Sugary Donut Shuffle
104. Asking the Alternatives
105. Elect A Crook
106. Your Kids Are Stupid
107. New Ways to Suck
108. Educated Guesses

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